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cathance River stools

Welcome to Paul Baines Fine Woodworking and Cathance River Stools  

Nothing can bring elegance and beauty to a piece of furniture like a practiced eye and disciplined craftsmanship. After many years of honing my skills, simplicity and elegance have become an obvious statement in every piece of furniture I build.

I wondered often in my early years in the trade why it was so difficult to design something as a statement in simplicity and I believe I have finally answered the question. A piece of furniture in its simplest form exposes both the symmetry and asymmetry of the design and if they are not balanced even the unpracticed eye can see it completely.

500 Cabinets

Paul's work is featured 500 Cabinets- A Showcase of Design and Craftsmanship by Ray Hemachandra

"From a closed hutch and bedside table to cupboards, curios, and a waterfall chest of drawers, these 500 outstanding contemporary cabinets showcase the art and craft of fine furniture making. These newly made works celebrate shape, joinery, detailing, color, or the subtle combination of all those qualities. Above all, each piece testifies to the design and technical skills of its creator, and has that most precious element of all: imagination."